Kyushu & Okinawa

Thanks to their location, both Kyushu and Okinawa are strategic regions which allow Japan to connect with nearby Korea, China and the whole East Asia region in general. Proximity and historical ties combine to create an excellent business environment.

Automotive and semiconductor industries are predominant in Kyushu while tourism and IT drive Okinawa's economy. [1][2]

The NHK made some videos presenting the 47 Prefectures of Japan they are available here.


40 Fukuoka Prefecture

Long-established industries: ICT, semiconductors, automotive, foodstuffs. Growing industries: biotechnology, environmental technology, hydrogen energy, nanotechnology, robotics, content Industry.

41 Saga Prefecture 

Long-established industries: agriculture, foodstuffs, transportation equipment, electrical machinery and equipment, electronic parts, metal products, chemicals, pulp and paper products, pottery.

42 Nagasaki Prefecture

Long-established industries: shipbuilding, general machinery, electronic parts, fisheries, tourism, ceramic.

43 Kumamoto Prefecture 

Long-established industries: agriculture, forestry products, fisheries and aquaculture, electronics (semiconductors), transportation equipment (automobile industries), food processing. 

44 Oita Prefecture 

Long-established industries: agriculture, marine products, steel, petrochemical and chemical plants, electric and precision machinery industries, semiconductors, shipbuilding, traditional industries (breweries, cedar products, bamboo crafts).

45 Miyazaki Prefecture 

Long-established industries: foodstuffs, electronic parts, chemicals, beverages, tobacco, rubber.

46 Kagoshima Prefecture

Long-established industries: foods, beverage, electrical and electronics, ceramic, metal.

47 Okinawa Prefecture

Long-established industries: tourism, agriculture/fisheries, civil engineering/construction, petroleum, and wholesale/retail. 


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Picture: Kumamoto Suizenji-jojuen Park, Kumamoto Prefecture
Picture copyright: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Latest update: June 2016