Hokkaido is unique in that it is considered both as a region and as a prefecture due to its size and localisation.

A characteristic of Hokkaido's industrial structure is that primary and tertiary industries play a greater role in the prefecture than in the rest of Japan while secondary industries play a smaller role.

The main advantage of this region is its natural environment which allows the area to maintain the highest levels of production in agriculture and fisheries. Moreover the food processing industry is long- established in the prefecture. Notably, many biotechnology and IT companies have been setting up businesses there in recent years, as have an increasing number of companies in the automotive industry.

The NHK made some videos presenting the 47 Prefectures of Japan they are available here.


01 Hokkaido Prefecture

The prefecture main industries are: agriculture and fisheries, food processing, textile, wood and wooden products, ceramic and pottery materials, pulp, paper and paper products, chemical industry, oil and coal products, metal processing, transportation machinery. Growing industries: biotechnology, IT, automobile-related.


Picture: Goryokaku in Hakodate
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