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Located in the centre of one of the most attractive economic areas in the world, Japan is also one of the few countries in Asia to provide both a stable business environment and a degree of sophistication commensurate to European or US economies. Japan is particularly in demand for international cooperation initiatives, as evidenced by its links with Europe and its efforts to conclude bilateral agreements with the world's major economies.

The conclusion of a free trade agreement between Japan and the European Union in 2019 confirms more than ever the importance of trade links between the two economies. Under these favourable auspices, technologies and products offered by European companies are fairly valued by Japanese companies and consumers.

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There are numerous reasons for wishing to do business with or in Japan: according to the Japan External Trade Organization (JETRO), Japan is a growing economy, a sophisticated market and an innovative...

Business Culture

Click here to access our e-learning videos about Japanese Business Culture Japan’s unique and ritualised business culture is often considered to be the biggest obstacle for foreign businesses seeking...

Know Your Clients

Successful business comes with good preparation. Knowing the specifics of the Japanese market is vital for any project to succeed. The unique customs of the country makes it difficult to understand...

Regions & Prefectures

Japan is divided into 9 regions, which are split into 47 smaller prefectures. Those regions are not formally specified; they do not have elected officials nor are they corporate bodies. However, the...