The Kansai region is located in the heart of Japan. It includes the three major cities of Kyoto, Osaka and Kobe and has the nation’s second-largest economy and a population of over 20 million.

In addition to its huge market, the area is also known as the home of world-famous electronics companies and top-level academic institutions. In addition, Kansai offers an excellent business infrastructure including a fully developed highway and rail network, and a 24-hour international airport. Kansai offers a business environment ripe with opportunities. [1]

Kansai accounts for 15.5% of Japan's total GDP (2010) [2]


24 Mie Prefecture

Long-established industries: manufacturing industries, steel, transportation equipment, machinery, electronic products, chemicals, pharmaceutical products. Growing industries: medical and biotech industry.

25 Shiga Prefecture

Long-established industries: automotive-related, electrical equipment, devices, chemicals, new energy. Emerging industries: biotechnology. 

26 Kyoto Prefecture

Long-established industries: high-tech and IT-related industries, chemical products, transportation and communication industries, traditional craft industries, ceramics, textiles, agriculture, fisheries, forestry. Emerging industries: nanotechnology and material production, biotechnology, environmental friendly-related industries, analytical equipment, solar batteries.

27 Osaka Prefecture

Long-established industries: metal products, general machinery, plastics, electrical machinery and equipment, pulp and paper, food products. Emerging industries: environmental technologies, new energy-related industries, biotechnology, medical technology.

28 Hyogo Prefecture

Long-established industries: agriculture, forestry, fisheries, food, handicraft, textile products, transportation machinery and equipment, electronic components, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. Growing industries: semiconductors, liquid crystal industry.

29 Nara Prefecture

Long-established industries: electronic components, devices, office machinery and furniture manufacture, food processing.

30 Wakayama Prefecture

Long-established industries: petroleum, chemicals, steel, machinery and food industries.


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Picture: Kinkakuji Shrine in Kyoto, Kyoto Prefecture
Picture copyright: EU-Japan Centre for Industrial Cooperation
Latest update: February 2016